6 Ways to Make Online Giving Easier for Your Ministry’s Donors

    [W]e limit the potential of electronic giving when we regard it merely as a technical solution to technical problems. Lewis Center for Church Leadership The growth of digital giving continues to accelerate, with a 42% increase over the three year period of 2019-2021. Online giving now represents 12% of all giving. Notably, faith-based organizations see […]

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    Why Authentic Content Is Key to Combining Your Ministry’s Mission with Sales

    Does your ministry run a store of sorts, selling products or even services? Perhaps you sell Christian-based books or host conferences.  It’s fairly common for organizations like yours to have this type of commerce branch. And, of course, you want to bring traffic to your website to encourage purchases or attract new constituents. But how? […]

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    Use Journey Maps to Improve Your Ministry’s UX and Spread Your Mission

    As you better understand how your audience interacts with your online presence, you’ll be able to smooth their paths to engagement…and ultimately get them to embrace your mission. As such, it’s time to think beyond the isolated steps users take on your site—like purchasing a book, donating to your organization, or signing up for a […]

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    Free Project Retrospective Template for Ministries

    When your ministry finishes a big project, it’s tempting to shift gears immediately. All you want is to sigh a breath of relief that your work is done and move on to the next initiative. But there’s a cost to chugging along so quickly: missing important lessons from your completed project.  A project retrospective is […]

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