6 Ways to Make Online Giving Easier for Donors

    [W]e limit the potential of electronic giving when we regard it merely as a technical solution to technical problems. Lewis Center for Church Leadership The growth of digital giving continues to accelerate, with a 21% increase in 2020. Online giving now represents 13% of all giving. Notably, faith-based organizations see the highest percentage of digital […]

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    Webinar: How Discovery Leads to Project Success

    Launching a new development project is equal parts exciting and stressful. You have big goals and a tight budget… and the tension of balancing both. A strong plan helps you avoid budget overruns and feature backlogs so you can stay focused on achieving your goals. Join Alan Ritari and Kedron Rhodes for this one-hour webinar […]

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    The Power of Human Connection for Team Success

    You’ll probably never see a project proposal with a line item for “human connection.” And yet, this idea of human connection is one of the intangibles that play an essential part in both the success of a project and the satisfaction of everyone involved. What is human connection? For the purposes of this post, we’re […]

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    The Best Way to Invest Your Budget and Improve Ministry Outcomes

    The hard part is done: you presented your budget to the board and they approved it. You’ve got (some) money and you’ve got (LOTS of) ideas… so now what?! How do you ensure you’re spending the budget on the right projects? When next year’s budget meetings roll around, how can you provide clear evidence your […]

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    Futureproof Your Technology for Growth and Transition

    Technology is always changing—both its capabilities and the regulations around it. And just as it’s vital to futureproof your ministry’s digital strategy, it’s also important to futureproof the technology itself. Futureproofing determines how well you can pivot in the face of change. This is a key, but often undervalued, part of your role as a […]

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    How to Conduct an Effective Project Retrospective

    When a big project finishes, it’s easy to get caught up in what comes next, quickly shifting gears to focus on the next project. But there’s a cost to doing that too quickly without taking the time to look back at the work you’ve just completed. A project retrospective is an opportunity to discuss what […]

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