How to Know if You’ve Outgrown Your Ministry’s Current Tech Stack

    When you first launched an online presence, whether through a website or mobile app, you probably sought out and used technology that was either free or low-cost and could be easily personalized to your ministry. And it’s awesome to have simple, plug-and-play tech stacks available, especially if you have a young church or ministry. But […]

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    The Ultimate Guide to UX for Ministries

    As a ministry, you’re juggling a variety of concerns: managing relationships with donors that enable your ministry to exist, communicating your mission well, and, most importantly, reaching people with the Gospel (whether explicitly or through acting as the hands and feet of Jesus). When engaged in digital ministry, it’s easy to get caught up in […]

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    How to Make Sure Your Project Retrospectives Aren’t a Waste of Time

    You’ve been conducting project retrospectives. Your team knows how they work. You’ve read our earlier blog post about how to lead an effective retrospective. But you’re still not getting the value you expect. Does this sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. Effective retrospectives take time and practice. We’ve detailed the five most common pitfalls that […]

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