A Step-By-Step Guide to Year-End Planning for Ministries

    Ministries are enabled to serve others because of the generous gifts they receive. Most ministries receive the largest portion of their support in the last two quarters of the year, including 30% in December and as much as 10% on the last three days of the year! So it’s important to devote some attention to […]

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    Collaboration is the Key to Successful Development Projects

    Development projects are complex endeavors with multiple goals and audiences to serve. They are hard enough even in the most supportive environments, and practically impossible to pull off without collaboration.  If you aren’t pulling together in the same direction, your ministry’s web or mobile app development project won’t reach its full potential for a successful […]

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    How Product Pricing Works (and Why It Shouldn’t Scare You)

    If your ministry is considering a new initiative or product, one of the first questions you’ll ask any potential development partner is, “How much is this going to cost?” The answer is: It depends.  Think about product pricing the way you might budget for a vacation. If you only ask how much a vacation costs, […]

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