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Self-Assessment: Discover the Maturity of Your Ministry’s Digital Offerings

Want to learn how comprehensive your ministry’s digital offerings are so you can improve them? Take our self-assessment below to learn more.

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Our team is in alignment about the goals of our ministry and how we wish to serve our constituents in the current digital age.*
The personas we have developed accurately represent our ministry’s users and help us tailor our digital offerings.*
The metrics we have in place show us what digital success looks like for our ministry so we can optimize our efforts.*
Our ministry’s website serves the needs of our constituents. It’s intuitive and mobile-friendly, and information is easy to find.*
Our ministry’s digital app functions effectively for users on all mobile devices.*
Our team can interact with and change our website and/or app as we see fit; it is designed with our team in mind.*
Our ministry is on solid footing. We feel good about our financial future and continuing to spread our mission.*
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