What We Do

Agathon is your full-service partner in ministry.

Agathon has been helping Christian ministries to discover, refine, and execute their digital strategy for more than 20 years. We started, of course, with websites. But as specific technologies have changed, we’ve adapted by expanding into mobile and web apps. Today’s digital strategy is much more than any one technology; rather, it’s an interconnected web of disciplines, processes, and capabilities. With our team’s breadth of experience, we provide guiding wisdom and fresh solutions for every client, every project. We guide ministries into discovery and strategy, through design and development, from conception to launch and beyond.

At every step along the way, we keep the focus on the goal that matters most: your mission.

I love to see how well Agathon works with others—you guys are team players. Agathon has been a rock: Alan still checks in, Rachel is our primary contact, Luke’s been there from the beginning, and Kedron’s elbow-deep in everything.

Mark Breneman Digital Project Manager, EveryCampus


We capture your vision and help define success. A core component of any successful project is understanding the complete landscape in which that project will exist. This includes analyzing organizational strengths and weaknesses, understanding the present and future market, and researching your users’ wants and needs. Agathon goes further to help your organization develop a […]

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We bring your vision to life through design Conceptually, you know exactly what you need built. Whether Agathon ran your Strategy process or you managed that initial research in house, you have a defined vision for your project, clear justification for building it, and objective metrics for measuring its success. The next step is to […]

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We build properties that help your ministry engage your users We’re skilled at adapting existing development environments as well as building custom applications that fit your needs. Whether your application lives on a server, in a browser, or on a mobile device, our team can help you launch your new ideas quickly on your platform. […]

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