We build properties that help your ministry engage your users

We’re skilled at adapting existing development environments as well as building custom applications that fit your needs. Whether your application lives on a server, in a browser, or on a mobile device, our team can help you launch your new ideas quickly on your platform.

Agathon works with a variety of programming languages and platforms, allowing us to choose the technology that best serves your user needs, organizational goals, and your own capabilities. We will help you evaluate options, prioritize features, and create a timeline for the project. Using tools such as Jira and Confluence, you will have visibility into the work the development team is doing on a daily basis.

Development work encompasses not just the code that is written to build the final product, but testing, deployment, and (if applicable) ongoing support.

Development in depth

No project is flawless, but you can count on us, as your partner, to be upfront and honest about any challenges we face while building your software. Our initial cost range estimates are often quite broad; however, we are able to narrow those estimates significantly based on the things we learn from the Discovery findings. As the project progresses, we may make adjustments to the scope (including adding, re-prioritizing, or deleting features) as we gain greater clarity about project needs. These decisions will always be made in partnership with you.


Developing your website or app is only part of the job, nor does it happen in a vacuum. Testing the product, both during development and in anticipation of launch, is a vital step in ensuring it functions properly and accomplishes the goals it was meant to accomplish. We do this through ongoing code reviews and a Continuous Integration (CI) approach, as well as acceptance testing and beta testing.


When it’s time to deploy, there’s more to the process than flipping a switch. No matter the size or scope of a product, Agathon designs deployment procedures that ensure a regular, predictable launch—a successful launch.

Development Outcomes and Deliverables

Mobile App

  • Cross-platform app for iOS and Android
  • Accessible, intuitive user experience
  • Offline first approach and cloud enabled when appropriate

Web App

  • Responsive across mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Accessible, intuitive user experience
  • Offline capabilities and automation when appropriate, and modern technologies,


  • All API integrations in place
  • Documentation and “the keys to the kingdom” so that you have full capabilities to interact with the product in any way you wish

When we’ve set out to do projects, big or small, Agathon has met our expectations and our goals with excellence.

Sarah Bianchi Project Manager, Parkside Church

Case Study

Truth For Life needed a reimagined mobile app to serve their hundreds of thousands of users. Agathon built it.