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Why You Should Find a Missionally Aligned Partner for Your Ministry’s Digital Needs

As a Christian ministry, your mission is your most valuable asset. It’s your duty and joy to spread that mission to your constituents and beyond. But communicating your mission is complex, especially given the ever-expanding array of technologies you must use to do so. And especially with the wrong digital strategist in your corner. 

That’s why it’s wise to work with a digital agency that shares your values to maximize collaboration and facilitate a more fruitful, values-based partnership. 

The Challenge of Contracting Work as a Christian Organization   

It’s not easy to enlist the right outside contractor. Ministry’s often default to hiring either: 

  1. A large, well-known firm with an impressive roster of clients, or 
  2. An individual, independent contractor who they know personally or from word of mouth. 

Each of these scenarios works out some of the time. But too often, these partnerships prove problematic. 

A large contractor likely has the bandwidth, tools, and experience to serve your digital needs well. But they almost certainly do not share the values of your ministry. As a result, they might have unsavory clients that could rub your constituents the wrong way. And you’ll probably find yourself explaining a lot of your vernacular just so they can properly wrap their minds around your mission, which is time-consuming. 

Someone who comes recommended by a colleague or church member, on the other hand, will intuitively understand your lexicon. But a single person might not have the capability to deliver everything your ministry needs. 

3 Reasons to Seek an Agency that Shares Your Ministry’s Values 

There is a third option when it comes to outsourcing your ministry’s digital projects. You can partner with an organization like Agathon.

Our firm was built to do good. In fact, the Greek word “agathon” means “good” in a holistic sense: morally, aesthetically, and functionally. We strive to do good work, providing elegant solutions to thorny problems, while intentionally serving organizations like yours that are doing good in the world. Consequently, we share your ministry’s values and vision—and vernacular. And critically, we retain sufficient talent to provide you with the high-quality solutions you need. 

Let’s dive deeper into the top three benefits of working with an external firm that is aligned with your ministry’s ideals:  

1. A Single Lexicon Allows for a More Efficient Engagement 

As we’ve said a few times now, contracting with an organization that shares your values and supports your mission means you also share a common vocabulary. But how does that truly impact your work together for the better? It comes down to how mutual understanding streamlines your working relationship with your external partner. 

As you know, the Christian world is full of specific language. When you and your contractor both know that language, you can use it as a kind of shorthand. You won’t have to explain everything having to do with your mission multiple times, slowing down your project’s progress. And your contractor readily internalizes your values and can almost automatically express them effectively through their work for you. 

2. Shared Morals Give You Peace of Mind  

You can rest easier when you hire an organization with the same ideals as yours. Why? Because you needn’t worry about what this contractor will say or do on your behalf or on behalf of your ministry. Or if they’ll offend your employees, volunteers, board, or constituents. Remember, they are morally aligned with you and your org. 

Additionally, the right, missionally sympathetic partner is just as selective about the clients they take on as you are (or would like to be) about the contractors you’re able to work with. There’s virtually no risk the agency’s other clients are unsavory, which is critical for your ministry. Imagine if your loyal donors found out about a less-than-ideal client your contractor supports. That’s the kind of thing that can irreparably damage your ministry’s reputation—even your personal reputation—whether you knew about said client or not. 

Lastly, when you work with a fellow Christian organization, you don’t have to worry about getting fleeced or saddled with shoddy work. The right partner will do everything they can to foster a fruitful engagement simply because it’s the right thing to do. 

3. Working from the Same Foundation Maximizes Your Efforts

Speaking of preserving your ministry’s reputation, selecting an external partner with a comparable moral compass shows your board and constituents that you are so dedicated to your mission, even your contractors are aligned with its message. That will go a long way to not just upholding your reputation, but buoying and amplifying it. 

What’s more, the right contractor is a force multiplier. Together, you can produce results that are greater than the sum of your component organizations. And you can feel good about investing in a contractor who is rowing in the same direction toward Kingdom-oriented purposes. 

Let Us Lift Up Your Ministry’s Mission Alongside You 

At Agathon, our value proposition for prospective clients differs significantly from that of a “mainstream” agency; we lead with our shared values. Always. Whether that looks like convening an on-site discovery session with a prayer or empathizing with your plight to seek a more just world, you will instantly know we’re cut from the same cloth. 

We believe strongly that these shared values—in addition to our plentiful technology and team resources—are what leads to a mutually successful engagement. And, of course, an optimized platform from which to spread your ministry’s vital mission.

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