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Learn the Process for Building Ministry Apps: Enroll in Our Self-Led Email Course

The master in yellow gloves lays paving stones in layers. Garden brick pathway paving by professional paver worker. Laying gray concrete paving slabs in house courtyard on sand foundation base.

It’s obvious your ministry needs a new app to reach today’s digitally-minded users. And reach matters. You need to reach your constituents—new and existing—to continue spreading the mission of your ministry. 

But it’s not so obvious how apps go from ideas to live platforms. 

That’s why we’ve developed this course. In the span of six weeks, we’ll share resources about every stage of app development for ministries. These resources will be delivered directly to your inbox for you to read at your convenience. 

You’ll learn details like:

  • Why discovery is the most important part of app development—and the five steps to complete a workshop. 
  • How to complete a user journey map (complete with a template) to smooth the user journey as you build your app. 
  • How to incorporate alpha and beta testing to finalize your app so it works on launch day. 
  • How to have a seamless “go-live” day for your app to start spreading your mission further ASAP. 

The course is broken down into three phases: 

  1. Discovery and user research
  2. Build and test your platform
  3. Launch your app

It’s a comprehensive learning path that’ll teach you what you need to know about getting an app up and running for your ministry. Plus, the Agathon team will be there to respond to your questions along the way. Simply reply to any of the emails you receive throughout the course. 

Fill out the form below to enroll in our course on building apps for ministries:

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